5 reasons why include hemp seeds in your everyday life

Hemp Seeds

The nutritional value of hemp seeds has been discovered 6000 years ago. Between these days and now, the status of the plant evolved to a near prohibited one. Thoug farmers have always cultivated hemp, we just rediscover the large benefits of hemp. Hemp seeds are now used to create skin care products, topicals and even food. Here are 5 reasons why you need to take a look at hemp seeds.


Healthy fats

Fats can be as good as bad. Marijuana seeds are full of Omega-3 and Omega-6, some essential fatty acids that are vital for our global health. The brain really need it to prevent some early aging. If you lack of theses fats, you may be touched by serious health problems. ADHD and Schizophrenia are know to be associated with low levels of fatty acids. But the fats also :

  • regulate blood pressure
  • decrease heart illness risks
  • reduce inflammation

You should be careful with the balance between omega-3 and omega-6 in your food. By chance, hemp seeds are perfectly balanced.

Good proteins

Hemp seeds contains a lot of proteins. Two tablespoons of hemp seeds are equal to two egg whites. That creates a good source of energy, and an amazing substitution food for vegans and vegetarians.


Hemp seeds are full packed with vitamin E, a great source of antioxidant, parts of the benefits of medical marijuana. The vitamin E helps to fight against daily stress and the exposure to environmental toxins, which improves the overall health.


Skin health

As we said it earlier, hemp seeds are nowadays largely used in skin care products and topicals. You  could enjoy the benefits of hemp seeds with some hemp oil, but you can eat it too.

The fatty acid in hemp is a good treatment for rushes and minor bruises. It helps to fight against eczema or acne. Better if you use it as an oil if fyou wat to treat a specific area of your skin.


Last but not least : hemp seeds are flavoured and delicious. You may recognize some nutty flavour, and you can drop some seeds onto your salad, on a cake, or cook a butter with seeds inside. You can find some marijuana seeds for sale in specialized organical shops.

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